Adam and Marky in Herobrine is Watching Composition Notebook

The New Adventures of Adam and Marky Episode I Herobrine is Watching: A Composition Story Paper Notebook to Draw and Write (Adam and Marky Herobrine Series)

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The Adam and Marky brand was originally created by our two lead animators who continue to thrill and entertain children of all ages with their popular gaming short film animations available on Amazon Prime.

The unique animated stories center around our two heroes, Adam and Marky, friends who manage to overcome dangerous encounters in their day to day lives.

In order to build more brand awareness Adam and Marky books are also available for purchase on our Amazon Branded store.

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Watch now as our quirky heroes come to life in this exciting story complete with dramatic tension, scary monsters and discover what new adventures await for Adam and Marky.


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Ginzburg Press is a digital production company that distributes merchandise, books and animated short films. For the months of July and August 2016, Ginzburg Press was awarded the Amazon Video Direct Star #AVDStarsWinner given to the top self-publishers in Prime Video.

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Watch on Amazon!


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