A surreal short animated scary adventure and horror film for kids

MARKHAM, ON. January 12, 2016 – Ginzburg Press latest new short animated horror movie for kids is now streaming on Amazon Prime video.

The Never Ending Dream short film explores Ryan’s surreal dreams which take him to places he’s never been to before. Ryan travels to uncharted territory and encounters scary creatures in his never ending dreams.

This is the first episode in our hero’s new adventure which takes place in a computer digitized world crafted by our talented and dedicated gamer. Our hero’s story is brought to life in this uniquely surreal tale about monsters and creepers revisiting Ryan in his dreams.

The essence of the story depicts how dreams can change one’s perception of reality. A never ending dream leads our hero to where monsters and spiders dwell but is it just a dream?

Unlike most animated short films today that are created with complicated animation programs employing nauseating jerk action inducing movements this film was produced in a gaming engine from an ultra popular computer game in real time.

Dreadnotx, the director and lead animator of the film, said, “Kids today really enjoy playing the Minecraft game… They are totally immersed into the game so I’ve taken it a step further and produced a surrealistic post modernist adventure story for kids.”

Watch now as Ryan encounters assorted creatures and scary monsters in his never ending dream.


Watch our newest title now, The Never Ending Dream, free with Amazon prime:


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Watch on Amazon!


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