A thrilling short animated adventure film for kids of all ages

MARKHAM, OntarioMarch 1, 2017PRLog — Ginzburg Press latest new short animated scary movie for kids is now streaming on Amazon Prime video.

In the Forest’s Dark Secret, Marky has been kidnapped, and his friend Adam must overcome his fears to rescue him. Join our heroes as they learn of the terrifying secret danger hidden in the forest, that only they can stop.

This is the second episode in our hero’s new adventure which takes place in a computer gaming generated world crafted by our talented and dedicated gamers. Our two heroes, Adam and Marky, are brought to life in this delightful tale about monsters, zombies and a wicked witch that will thrill and excite children of all ages.

The story begins with Adam and Marky playing together in a dark and ominous forest. Adam hears a strange sound coming from the woods. As it’s getting dark Adam wants to go home but Marky insists they continue playing their game. Suddenly without warning the boys separate. Something grabs Marky. It looks like a zombie and it’s too powerful to resist. Adam watches Marky get kidnapped and remains hidden behind a tree. Adam decides to go home and get some help to rescue his friend Marky.

Our story then begins with Adam’s futile attempts at convincing his father that Marky is in trouble and he needs their help!

The center of the story explores how these two dedicated friends always depend and rely on each other to survive.

This short film is unlike most animated movies seen today that are created with complicated graphics programs employing exaggerated action motions and over the top special effects. This film was produced in a gaming engine from an ultra popular computer game in real time.

Dreadnotx, the director and lead animator of the film, said, “Kids of all ages totally love  playing the Minecraft game.  They are completely absorbed in the player vs player realm that is unique to Minecraft. We’ve extended our film to the next level by creating inspiring stories between two friends who will stop at nothing to save each other even when the going gets tough.”

Watch now as our quirky heroes come to life in this exciting story complete with dramatic tension, scary monsters and discover what new adventures await Adam & Marky.


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